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Digital Security and Source Protection for Journalists – A Handbook

GitBookCoverThe law and technologies that govern the functioning of today’s digital communication systems have dramatically affected journalists’ ability to protect their sources. Digital Security and Source Protection for Journalists provides a high-level overview of how and why these legal and technical systems work the way they do, as well as how their intersection exposes everyone’s digital communications – not just those of journalists and their sources – to scrutiny.

Though legally and technically rigorous, Digital Security and Source Protection for Journalists is jargon-free and suitable for all audiences.

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Understand Your Internet – An Illustrated Poster

The What, Where, When, How and Why of Who Can See Your Information Online  is an illustrated overview of the mechanics of the Internet, including everything from how your computer connects to a wifi hotspot, to what is (and isn’t) protected by an https connection. The detailed illustration also includes explanations of what “metadata” is typically stored by digital companies and available to (U.S.) authorities, and includes digital security technologies like Tor and encrypted email.
High-quality printed versions of the illustration are available for order (at cost) online. It is available in both a 24″x36″ (61cm x 91cm) wall-sized version, and an individual 12″x18″ (30cm x 45cm) size.

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Additional Resources

Encrypt Your Mac in 5 Minutes
The most difficult part of using most security-related software is getting is setup in the first place. Fortunately, there are some important security measures that take only a few minutes, and require no special tools or expertise – like encrypting your computer’s hard drive. If you use a Mac, the videos below will take you through the process step-by-step.


Zero to Encrypted Email in Under an Hour
An encryption key is the Swiss-Army knife of data protection tools: you can use it to protect any kind of file on your computer. In under an hour, the video playlist below will get you up and running with your own encryption key, and even covers how to use encryption with your existing email account on a Mac.


Contributions and Feedback

Comments, questions, concerns and contributions are welcome.  Digital Security and Source Protection for Journalists is version-controlled at:; if you are a GitHub user, please feel free to post issues or pull requests directly to the repo. For the YouTube videos, please leave a comment on the video.

Also feel free to send me a tweet or an email about any of these materials.

All print materials are sold at cost. The text, original artwork and videos above are available for no-cost reproduction and distribution on a case-by-case basis. Please get in touch if you’d like to use them.

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